RICC Ltd invites you to become our client. We can offer you a wide range of qualified consulting services in areas of:


  • development of business plans for investment projects
  • development of business strategies 
  • Investment analysis and the selection of  projects and business ideas for funding and implementation 
  • presentation of business ideas 
  • assessment of the company and find ways to improve its efficiency 
  • search for the most efficient use of land resources


  • integrated management of the implementation of investment project: evaluation of business ideas to commissioning and maintenance of individual stages of the project.
  • analytical support for investment projects of the company: price monitoring, review marketing, financial modeling and business forecasting, tracking of actual budget execution and control of deviations, etc. 
  • portfolio management of investment projects: ratings of - selection and analysis of investment projects and business ideas for funding and implementation, production of investment analysis and document the development of financial models for rapid assessment of future business.

Our experience allows you to identify the main consulting areas:

Agro consulting, Energy consulting, Development, and offer professional services in these sectors