Integrated management of investment project implementation

Project management is a time-limited process, which consists of a series of steps aimed at achieving the objectives of the project. The essence of project management is to create innovative and unique products or services, that is to satisfy the requirements provided in the project, at optimal combination of targets, timetables, costs and other characteristics of the project.

Project management is subject to structural logic, consisting of successive goals of the project . Each of the objectives of the project is implemented at various stages, together forming the project life cycle. Proper analysis of the current company structure, goals to be achieved in the process of project management, succession planning steps to achieve the goals and objectives in a timely manner are the conditions, compliance with which is necessary for the successful construction of the life cycle of a particular project and project management in general.

To ensure professional project management of the company you can do in two ways: to build own system of project management or use the services of third parties (outsourcing). Sometimes you need to combine these two approaches, i.e. company employees are working in a team with outsourcers and thus acquire the knowledge and experience.

Our Company accompanies the project from the inception of a business idea and is ready to calculate the project with varying degrees of detail depending on the investment stage. At the same time as the developer of the investment analysis and/or business plan, we are ready to go with you to the project and participate in its implementation as a management company that is a fairly unique combination in today's market of these services. In this case, from the beginning you get a team of experienced professionals to accompany you throughout the project and willing to share with you the responsibility for its outcome.

"RICC" Ltd. offers services in the following stages in the complex:

Pre-investment study (initiation):

- collection and study information;

- formation of an investment plan (business ideas);

- design of the project and its conceptual evaluation.


- developing a comprehensive business plan of the project and assessment of its effectiveness;

- development and coordination of construction documents;

- development plans and schedules, the formation of revised budget and project schedule.

Investment (implementation):

- tendering and contracting and procurement in a row;

- detailing plans and schedules, assigning responsibility, adjustment of the budget and project schedule;

- quality and time control of construction - assembly works;

- quality and time control of commissioning;

- support of commissioning of the object in oper.


 - forecasting costs and revenues, control and consistency of operating performance project (budgeting);

- maintenance of procedures for the closure of the project, selling a business, loan repayment/exit of the investor "in money".

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