Townhouse in Belgorodka

Residential complex in Belogorodka - this village townhouses, home ownership in which the place of location, quality of construction, by the presence of a regular documentation and of course at a price that will surprise the buyer.

Buy townhouse - a great alternative to a small-sized city apartment.

Village townhouse, which is located in s.Belogorodka, st. Lenin's 160/162 (Coordinates for GPS - 30.22891, 50.371946), is a multi-residential complex. Part comfortable townhouses built up in the territory also includes a children's playground, guest parking and green space.

There are at least four alternative ways of entrance to car owners:

  • C Ring Road, through the "Sofievskaya Borschagovka";
  • the ring road, through the "cherry";
  • to Zhitomir highway - turn at KP and turn on Belogorodka.
  • from Odessa highway, through the "Vita mail" and "Boyarka"
  • and shuttle bus number 749 and number 824, which travel from the metro station "Nyvky" to the very apartment complex. Time on the road with all the stops will only take 20 minutes at intervals of 15 minutes.

    We offer you a good opportunity to live close to a big city (only 12 km from the Ring Road) plus silence as a gift! There is no transcendent Kiev noise, only a small fatigue with a smile on his face on his way home to the comfort and warmth. Private area in the backyard with a barbecue, a car in the garage or under the house, beautiful views, river forest and lakes - it's what you both wanted and could not find the Kiev metropolis of his estate. This is a historically prestigious area, marked by the attention of many prominent figures in our country.

    total building area of ​​the complex will consider a compact and arrange all of homeownership.

    townhouses are located opposite each other, each with a total area 131kv.m., in which thought out, planned and divided into zones of every inch of your space, providing the ability to easily voplaschayuschy vsemozmozhnye design ideas. (two floors, 3 rooms (13m, 14m, 20m.), kitchen-dining-living room (32m), 2 bathrooms (6m. and 4 m.). provided in the project garage, utility room, cloakroom, out on the back patio where you can enjoy the fresh air, beautiful views and make a great holiday for the whole family.

    characteristics of the house:

    total area of ​​131 sq.m.

    1st. Floor:



    Garage (if desired remade into the room)

    kitchen-living room

    2nd. Floor:

    Three bedrooms



    (if desired layout can be changed)

    Automatic gates to the town and a detached garage and guest parking, security, near school, kindergarten, convenience stores, 1 km to the village center with shops, supermarkets and entertainment center "Belgorod».

    In planning a lot of attention paid to the safety and comfort of living. Conveniently located at the entrance of guest parking, a playground and recreation area - in a quiet and less accessible to outsiders corner of the fenced area.

    Once you've decided to buy a townhouse, you will not have to wait for the connection to all utilities (water, gas, elektrichesivo, sewage) - all brands for your comfort are already connected to your town house.

    all engineering systems in the central village. Buy townhouse - it's not just built a house, but:

    • gas boiler installation, connection to the pipeline
    • grid that is connected directly to the panel in the house
    • clockwork central sewerage
    • let down by the central water

      Buy townhouses can be at this price:

      - "with a fine finish" will cost just 800u.e./1kv.m. In total price will be a compelling cost 104,000 USD

      - "shell and core" price for 1 sq.m. - 700u.e., will be completely compelling cost 91,000 USD

      We are ready to discuss options for individual credit and installment payments.

      Village townhouse - a prime example of a convenient and comfortable apartment complex, environment and infrastructure which, the quality of construction and the social status of the owners well for consideration as a business-class housing, and prices - to economy class.

      infrastructure of the village is almost completely autonomous. Residents of the village townhouses are able to use the infrastructure and its surrounding villages. The ambience of the township, in addition to the already mentioned Belogorodka constitute Boiarka, Irpen and Cherry, whose infrastructure complements our own infrastructure. Before the shopping and entertainment center "Belgorod" 1km, 10 km from the Ring Road, where the largest shopping malls and shops.

      live in comfort, peace and tranquility from the hustle and bustle of Kiev - zaobachnaya no longer a dream! Today, it is available for you! Buy townhouse - so get all those fun and Advantages of sensible price for the comfortable conditions for you calculate!