Analytical support for investment projects

"Regional Investment Consulting Company" Ltd. offers analytical support during the project financing and implementation.

We'll help you pass the credit committee of the Bank, prepare all necessary documents and carry out the procedure according to the stated requirements.

If a group of projects is implemented by a corporation, we are ready to develop a system of rating and selection of investment projects that will meet the criteria of the owner. Project analysis should be viewed as a dynamic process, which takes place on two levels - the time and subject matter. In the time matter the works are held that provide process of project development, starting from the emergence of business ideas and to complete the project. In the object matter the analysis and project development in various aspects of meaning are done. The nexus between these matters is the purpose of the project, reasonably available resources and institutional arrangements.

Statement of system analysis of input investment projects in the Corporation, in essence, is developing a methodology for assessing business ideas and documents, implementing methods in a system of organization's business processes.

At the stage of project implementation "RICC" Ltd. conducts budgeting of the project in MS Excel, observing the project schedule using MS Project, consulting and assistance in implementing the project in real time.

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